One of the most useful additions to a modern home is smart outlets. Their technology enables the residents to remotely control the power supply and, therefore, the duration and intensity of illumination. 

The first and most useful gadget that can be utilized is the timer from distance. In case, for instance, you leave home and you forget switching off an electric device, you can easily turn off the smart outlet from your mobile phone. Except from the on-off button, there can also be an adjustment mode for the intensity of the light in the room, so that the atmosphere can change with a simple touch of the mobile screen.


Simultaneously, they provide a very discreet wall light during the night, so that, if someone in your household prefers some lighting during sleep, this is not excessive. Some devices even accept voice commands from Google Assistant, Alexa of Amazon and Siri of Apple, while they can also provide real-time information on the power consumption of the whole house.

Our primary goal is to make households friendlier to all individuals and especially for the younger generation, which is familiar with the new technologies. All of our apartments are equipped with the latest trends in home energy efficiency and amenities, such as underfloor heating, energy efficient windows, window frames with thermal switch, acoustic paneling, thermal facade, solar panels and much more! 

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