Technology upgrades at an exponential rate, and so do our lives. We currently live in a world where everything is smart. Mobile phones, TVs, even cars. Many of these were considered elements of science fiction Hollywood films, but now they are a part of our everyday lives. So how would you feel about the idea of living in ​​a smart home? A home that would be under your complete control at the tip of your fingers, even if you were on the other side of the world? 

This scenario is real and the technologies that would constitute a smart home definitely exists and are constantly evolving the last couple of years. Our lives surely have become easier, when you consider that you can control from the smallest gadget up to the largest electrical device through a single application on our cell phone. 

We can distinguish the smart functions into two different categories: gadgets and solutions in an integrated Smart Home system.

smarthome apertura 1

In the category of gadgets, we can include the small devices that don’t exist, entirely, for essential reasons. A smart lamp that changes color and intensity whenever you want it to, a digital housekeeper which obeys to our orders, even a smart garbage bin. 

On the other hand, a complete Smart Home system consists of a central unit which controls the whole house via an application on our cell phone from wherever we are, given that we have internet connection. Smart shutters which can be fully automated, smart gates, alarms and many more. The benefits of such a system may be multiple, with security, energy savings and comfort to be the paramount ones. 

In the next article we will examine the most popular and most useful gadgets and smart devices that will coordinate our house, making it significantly “smart" as far as the ergonomic aspect is concerned.